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5 Mechanisms Coin Master is using and you should too

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

After my previous article about Coin Master, I got approached by colleagues who are currently developing or thinking about developing a coin master type game. One question I got asked, was "What about Coin Master made it so successful?" So, for those of you out there working on the next big game, here are 5 mechanisms that Coin Master is using that you should too:

Time-Based Missions


It adds another time-based progression layer, unlike the meta progression which does not have a time constraint. Time constraints are great since they add a sense of urgency.

It allows segmentation according to behavior.

It acts as a live ops event, that spices users day to day gameplay.

It gives non-payers a reason to stay, and a reason to convert.

How to do it properly?

UI - Keep the prize in front of the player during gameplay.

Configuration - Make sure your RTP is lower than 100%.

Segmentation - Tailor-make the difficulty level according to user behavior.



Introduces social and competitive aspects to the regular time-based missions.

Works well on competition-oriented players personas.

It allows the use of bots, un-achievable prizes, and a never-ending pursuit (Sneaky, I know).

How to do it properly?

UI - Keep users' rank within the race in front of their eyes + prompt notification for when their rank has been changed or about to be changed.

Configuration - Make sure the collective RTP of the race is lower than 100%


This feature allows users to attack other users' villages.


We all love progressing (in games, as in life), however, it has been proven, time and again, that more than we love progressing, we hate going back. Users know that for time spent away from the game, they get punished, so they stay longer, and they come back. Classic "Skinner Box".

How to do it properly?

Giving users free and paid tools to protect themselves against attacks (shields). Moon Active - How about a special premium shield?:)

Social Bonds

This, by far, is one of Coin Master's strongest suits. Throughout the game, you are reminded of the people who are also playing this game, allowing you to form social bonds that stretch beyond the game itself.

How to do it properly?

Make sure as many features as possible have a social aspect.

Keep it simple - Maintain the social interaction within the "tap" realm. chats on mobile have downsides as well.

Reward Social actions, especially if they give you any Marketing advantage.

Gameplay Protection

The "Super Bet" feature is In-fact a changing max bet, according to users' balance. Higher balance = higher max bet.


It allows users a faster progression, and more expensive gameplay.

Note: Many developers tend to think, that giving users the ability to spend endlessly is a great way to monetize; it's true, for the short term. In the long run, it damages revenue, due to the increase of churn. A game's success depends on that fact that the bet is in accordance to balance!

Making sure, users have a minimum amount of gameplay, when they enter the app, is key if you want to retain your DAU.

How to do it properly

Create a formula that will be true for all balances at all times, decreasing or increasing the max bet automatically.

That's all for now!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope it helps you design a better game!

Comments, Likes, and Shares are always welcomed and deeply appreciated:)


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