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Coin Master - Making the best, better

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

For the past 3 years, Moon Active, developer of Coin Master, has been getting much-deserved praise for its success. The question is, how can the genre-leader be even better? In this post, I will share my thoughts as to 5 of the possible Game-Design quick wins that Moon Active can implement in order to optimize Coin Master even further.

Meta Progression - Village Shop

The Mechanism of upgrading the village allows users to spend coins to upgraded assets in the village. This is a great way to get users to spend currency, however, it forces users to tap, go to the upgrade screen, make a selection, and go see the result in the main village area. For users with a lot of currency who aim at fast progression, this can be a tiresome effort. It would be interesting to see a “quick upgrade” button in the main village area to allow users faster progression and spend.


The UI supports a 3 shield balance only. Above that, no more shields can be accumulated and the game compensates the user with a free spin.

UI: There is a flying "shields" animation that takes the user's attention to the top of the screen, while below, a small UI element notifies the user that he got a free spin. My suggestion: change the free spin animation to a "flying" free spin animation, coming from the Shields balance to the spins balance. This way, users will be able to track what's going on.

Mechanism: A cool possible feature, would be a premium shield that will become available, once the users have reached the max shield balance. Users will be able to trade for 3 shields in exchange for one stronger shield. This will require a slightly different UI and will add another layer to a feature that didn't evolve much, unlike the rest of the game.


Pets give users an added "dig" within the “raid” mode. Since there are 4 spots to dig, 3 shovels + another pet shovel – what is the need for choosing a digging location? They will all be dug out, no matter what. It might be wise not to give pets another dig, but just to give a multiplier on the fruitful digs. In this case, there will still be an element of missed opportunity in the "raid" feature.

Attack Mode

some villages have only one available spot to attack – So, what's the point of making a selection? It may be wise to add an "auto-attack" feature in such a case, and speed-up gameplay.

Presidents Day event - A 48 HRS LiveOps event

Segmentation: One of the CTA is “Bet higher to get more hammers” – however, since the ratio between the added bet, and the added value of the reward is stagnant, there is no real added value to bet higher besides progressing faster. Implementing bet segmentation would have been interesting to see

UI: This event, is divided into mini-missions, however, the only mission that is available to view is the current one the player is in, and the only prizes that are available to view are the prize for the current mission and the “Grand Prize” for the event. It would be interesting to see, how a quest-like UI would perform here so users will be able to view their progression along the trail (similarly to the progression of the meta-game AKA "Map") and give them a better understanding of the event's scope.


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