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Game Review: Jumanji, Epic Run

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

I’ll start by saying I love this game! It’s simple, to the point, and I had an awesome time reviewing it. I've written here only a handful of suggestions, however, I have a bucket-load more. Great collaboration between Crazy Labs and PlaySide; you have a game with a ton of potential on your hands… way to go guys!

In-Game Challenge System

Users always have a challenge in front of their eyes, however, since there is a lot going on at any given moment, these challenges, which are one of the key elements of progression within the game, can get lost, which is a shame, since it’s such an engaging feature.

My Suggestion: When a challenge has been achieved, celebrate it by pausing the game, highlighting the prize, and introduce the new challenge. Only then, the game continues.

In-Game Chest System

Upon completing challenges, users get rewarded with chests, however, what they actually get is the “right” to watch a video/pay currency to get a chest. Since users can buy chests straight up, this can seem a bit unintuitive.

My suggestion: Once users have gotten to a chest, give it to them, straight up, tell them what’s the estimated prize value, and offer them to increase the reward before opening it, by watching an ad or spending currency.


Every gamer knows, that you need to gain XP in order to level up your rank or ability. In this game, many items accumulate XP (Map, missions, etc.), however, the main XP that is communicated to the user in the form of crowns, has no actual meaning. Crown multiplier do scale when you upgrade pieces of the map, however, unlocking a higher multiplier is not a goal in itself.

My suggestion: Use the Crown multiplier to affect the gold bars that accumulate within the game itself, while increasing the need for bars in order to unlock new content.

Map Progression

Progression is measured in percentages, with multiple directions users can choose. However, their decision on which path to take has no meaning within the game.

My Suggestion: When giving users a choice, make sure to give it meaning as well. In this case, I would cancel the multi-way map progression and would go, in a more traditional piece by piece approach. We wouldn’t want users to spend time debating choices that don’t matter.

Monetization Feature – “Continue”

Upon failing for the first time, users are being prompted with a question: “Continue?”

Since there is no ad available, the only way to continue is by using currency; since I don’t have enough, it means making a purchase. This is extremely early for an in-app purchase and may be underperforming conversion wise.

My suggestion: giving users a free “continue” by lowering the price, and by forcing them to press it. This way, they will experience the benefits of hitting “continue”.

Thanks for the great feedback on my last review! Comments, shares, and likes are much appreciated:)

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